LMI offers a complete line of accessories to customize and complete your installation. 

  • Auto prime valve 4FV/3FV/Bleed 4FV
  • Micropace™ Control Modules
  • Agitators
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Back Pressure Valves
  • Primer Flush Kit
  • Calibration Cylinders
  • Pulse Transmitter
  • Conduit Connection Kit
  • Pump Mounting Accessories
  • Corp Stop & Nozzle Assemblies
  • Remote Auto Flush Controllers
  • Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors
  • Seal Ring Kit
  • Extension Cable Assemblies
  • Splash Guard
  • Flow Indicator
  • Suction Tubing Accessories
  • Fluoride Saturator
  • Syphon Breaker
  • Flowmeter
  • Tanks
  • Remote Programmable Flowmeter
  • Tubing Connector Assemblies
  • Liquid & Low Level Switches


Agitators LMI offers a range of agitators with fractional horsepower motors to fit LMI 35 and 50 gallon tanks. Impellers are available in Neoprene R and epoxy coated stainless steel for a wide variety of chemicals. Mounting hardware and a pump suction tube wand when required are included to complete the installation.

Pressure Relief Valves - Back Pressure Valves LMI's diaphragm back pressure/anti-syphon valves apply positive discharge pressure to a metering pump system and act to stabilize the output of higher output LMI Metering Pumps when pumping into low or no-pressure systems.

Calibration Cylinders Installation of a calibration cylinder on the suction side of your LMI pump simplifies calibration. LMI offers Calibration Cylinders in 200 ml, 1000 ml, and 4000 ml sizes to fit most LMI pump capacities. Removable tops and sealed tops are available.

Corporation Stop & Nozzle Assembly LMI offers a selection of Corporation Stop & Nozzle Assemblies to meet your chemical injection requirements. Available in four sizes consisting of 1" NPT with PP Nozzle, 1" NPT with Carpenter 20 Nozzle, 1" Mueller with PP Nozzle and 3/4" NPT with CPVC Nozzle.

Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors solve the age-old question “How do I know if my pump is pumping?” Pulsating flow of your pump can be monitored and transmitted using the LMI Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitor.

4-Function Valve This compact and economical valve performs four important functions for your LMI pump: 1. Diaphragm type anti-syphon protection 2. Back pressure 3. Priming aid/line drain 4. Pressure Relief Priming with the 4FV is simple and is achieved by turning of the pressure relief knob (black). A recommended accessory for every LMI electromagnetic pump.

Remote Programmable Flowmeter - Pulsers LMI's Remote Programmable Flowmeter Pulser (RFP) provides a simple method to feed chemical in proportion to water flow. All that is required is the Flowmeter Pulser and the appropriately sized LMI Pump.

Preventive Maintenance & Spare Parts Kits Preventive Maintenance & Spare Parts Kits are available for all LMI Chemical Metering Pumps. RPM Pro Pac™ Kits include all of the parts that are required for routine preventive maintenance. The convenient, clear skin packaging and liquid end drawing ensure quick and easy replacement of expendable parts.

Chemical Storage Tanks LMI chemical storage tanks are available in 10, 35, and 50 gallon sizes. All tanks have a molded in recess for an LMI Metering Pump.

Wall Mount Bracket This molded polypropylene wall mount bracket is rugged and chemically resistant. Mounting holes accept any LMI electronic pump making installation quick and easy. All of the hardware is included to attach the bracket to a stud or block wall and to mount your LMI pump.